Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Neonisi. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Forum Rules - Please Read & Follow

    Neonisi Rules. All offenders will be warned and in severe cases or reoccurring cases banned from this forum:

    #1) Signature Rules:

    a) - Signatures may be no longer than 5 lines in length, INCLUDING SPACES and BLANK LINES, with a maximum of 6 links

    b) - Signatures may only be typed in the normal sized font (This is size 2. NO large fonts) or if you prefer the smaller No.1 size font.

    c) - No banners ads or image ads are allowed to be included in your signatures, with the exception of smileys. If the use of smileys takes up more space than the permitted space for 5 lines then your signatures will be amended/deleted. It`s up to members to use discretion if using any smileys, (maximum of 2 allowed), so that they don`t cause height problems.

    d) - Bold, italic and coloring fonts are allowed in the signature

    e) - Signatures must be aligned to the left, not in the center

    f) - There is NO referring to your signatures in your posts. Do NOT ask other members to `see my signature`

    g) - No email addresses, real addresses or phone numbers allowed in signatures.

    h) - Exchangers with`PAID STICKYS`may place a link in their signatures to their own sites, without any ref link. No other members are allowed to have any links OR text reference to ANY exchanges, whether personal, or business, whatsoever.

    i) - Nothing connected with scripts are to be shown in signatures

    j) - Signatures must not contain any personal attacks on other members, nor are attacks on the Neonisi forum, nor anything deemed by the Moderators to be critical of TG.

    k) - You need a minimum of 25 posts before a signature displays.

    #2) No advertising in our forum folders is allowed with exception of our "Advertising Folder"

    #3) No Personal Attacks to another individual will be tolerated anywhere but the WarZone Folder. If things get too out of hand in the war zone, moderators reserve the right to remove or edit posts.

    #4) No Spamming ads via PMs will be tolerated.

    #5) No offensive language will be allowed.

    #6) Referral links are ONLY allowed within the FIRST posts in the following five folders - Current HYIPs; Current AutoSurf / Paid to Surf Programs; Current "Get Paid To" Programs; MLM / Matrix / Doublers & Network Marketing; and CryptoCurrencies. To repeat, ONLY the thread starter may post with a ref link, no one else. A hyperlink saying `Sign up here` or similar is acceptable, but not anything promoting your link, such as `50% ref fee back` or similar. Also, DO NOT post a thread if one already exists for a program. Make a search first before posting.

    Referral links may still of course be used in the Advertising forum, and in all signatures.

    #7) does NOT permit ANY Script sales on this forum. Any member attempting to sell scripts may be warned, and the thread will be removed. We believe this will serve to further protect our members against scammers. Also, this will help Neonisi and it's members abide by the copyright laws protecting the script developers. Also, `scripts` are NOT allowed in any signatures.

    #8a) Members are not to use more than ONE username. Any member found to be using more than one username will be subject to being banned from the forum.

    Multiple accounts from the same IP address or a close IP range MAY be considered multiple IDs unless there is a clear indication in the profile that they belong to the members of the same family or a company

    #8b) Usernames must NOT be domain names, this includes names ending com, net, biz and so on without the . So, and xyzprogramcom for example are not permitted. But, xyzprogram would be allowed. Also, we do not allow email addresses as usernames

    #9) 25 posts are required before members are permitted to use the PM facility. Use of a proxy is not allowed in the Debit Card folder. We take a dim view of any member who is suspected of `post building.` By that we mean that posts such as `only 10 to go,` or `I agree,` or `good idea` don`t contribute anything to the board. 30 days membership is required before members are allowed to post in the WarZone.

    #10) Members must not ask for, or offer, exchanges in any of our folders, but may do so (without spamming), via PM.

    #11) NO TROLLING - mischievously manufacturing inflammatory opinions in an attempt to stir up disharmony and discord. No posting up a ****** of off-topic drivel or being clumsily provocative.

    #12) We do NOT permit the use any types of redirects, including `Tiny URL` or any other `Short URL Generator`, in either posts, or in signatures. Links must be directed to the real site.

    #13) Up to two banners and images which form a part of advertising (with or without ref links), are allowed in the first posts ONLY, and only in the following folders - Current HYIPs; Current AutoSurf / Paid to Surf Programs; Current "Get Paid To" Programs; MLM / Matrix / Doublers & Network Marketing; CryptoCurrencies and Advertising. Small to medium sized banners such as 125x125, 300x250 and 468x60 are acceptable, but NOT 728X90. If a member buys a paid sticky thread we will allow up to two banners to be used in a later post if preferred, or one banner in one post and another banner in an even later post, rather than in the first post only. Also, a paid sticky member may use a banner in ANY purchased thread, in ANY folder.

    #14) The sale/buying, giving/receiving of TG accounts is PROHIBITED. Anyone attempting to dispose of, or acquire an existing username will face immediate ban.

    #15) DO NOT post asking people to contact you, whether by PM or e-mail, join under you, sponsor you, make you an offer, or anything similar in the program threads (apart from the Teambuild section). This also means you should not post your e-mail address.

    #16) This is an ENGLISH-SPEAKING forum. All posts and signatures MUST be in English only.

    #17) In certain program folders the thread title format must be done according to folder rules. Before posting please check if folder rules apply.

    #18) ONLY members with a PAID STICKY thread are allowed to promote any exchange service in the eCurrencies, Bitcoin/CryptoCurrencies folders.

    #19) No email addresses are to be posted outside of the Advertising, or Teambuild folders.

    #20) Members should note we do NOT allow verified or otherwise PayPal or eBay accounts to be sold anywhere on this forum.

    WARNING POINTS remain `live` for certain periods of time. If 5 `live` warning points accrue then an automatic ban for 30 days will come into force.

    Moderators also have an option to immediately ban members for periods of 2 days, up to 30 days if circumstances dictate.

    If we think that any member is posting so as to build up his post count they will be subject to either a warning, or in more serious cases, an immediate ban.

    Please check rules often for updates. Some folders have their own additional rules, so please check first prior to posting.


    Any Posts I make, are for discussion purposes only. I am not vouching for any programs. One should invest in all investment programs with Extreme Caution. #